Certification of telecommunication and other electronic products in Ukraine. Recognition of CE test reports.

Certification of telecommunication and other electronic products in Ukraine. Recognition of CE test reports.


Telecommunication products can be subject to the following technical regulations in Ukraine:

Technical Regulation Standards applied
Safety of low voltage electrical equipment (LVD DSTU EN 60950-1:2015
Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) DSTU EN 55032:2017, DSTU EN 55024:2017, DSTU EN 61000-3-2:2017, DSTU EN 61000-3-3:2017
RoHS DSTU EN 50581:2014
Radio Equipment and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment Decision No. 355 “On Approval of the Technical Regulations for Radio Equipment” (UA RED TR) is equal to Directive 2014/53/EU of the European Parliament and European Council dated 16.04.2014.

If the producer passed CE (European Economic Area) certification, issued CE certificates, declarations and test reports can be recognised for Ukraine certification and accepted instead of sample testing.

In addition to actual CIG 023 or CIG 22, audit reports can be accepted instead of the production site audit.

Applicant requirement: the manufacturer can be the applicant for certification

Validity: Unlimited validity

Documents applied for certification:

  • Operating manual in Ukrainian ;
  • A Power of Attorney (showing authorisation of the company processing certification);
  • CE EMC, Safety (LVE), RoHS, test reports;
  • Declarations / Certificates of manufacturer;
  • CIG 023 OR 22;
  • EMF, or a letter that it is not required;
  • An example of the mark (nameplate) in Ukrainian ;
  • RED risk assessment (for Radio Equipment).

An example of the certification procedure

The example product is a Disk Storage System. It requires to issue:

  • Declaration of Conformity for EMC and Safety (LVE)
  • Declaration of Conformity for RoHS
  1. The producer provides documents listed above.
  2. Based on CE test reports and technical documentation of the product, the Pattern Approval Certificate is developed (EMC, Safety).

Ukraine certificate

  1. Based on the Pattern Approval Certificate, the Declaration of Conformity to EMC and Safety (EMC) regulations is issued.
  2. Declaration of Conformity to RoHS regulation is issued based on RoHS reports of the manufacturer.

Lead time: registration process takes 2 weeks (once all required documents are provided and drafts are confirmed).If you have any questions or inquiry, please contact our team.

By Amina Tarchokova
International key account manager
WorldWideBridge LLC

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