Certification / Inquiry information / For the Russian market and Other CIS countries

Certification / Inquiry information / For the Russian market and Other CIS countries

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Certification conditions depend on the product’s type and its characteristics. When a producer needs to issue the approval document like EAC Certificates, Declaration or other documents it is vital to provide completed initial data of the product. Depending on a regulation different input information could be asked by experts. Sometimes specific information is required. 

In this article, we consider examples of inquiry information that is recommended to be sent to Certification Company, for analysis.

Telecommunication products

For most Telecommunication products HS code and short technical description are sufficient. The description could be in the manual or datasheets. It could be relevant for TR CU 004 (LVD), 020 (EMC) and FAC Telecom.

HS code + Technical data (LVD, EMC, BT, Wi-fi, Encryption)

Clothes and light industry. 

To understand how many Certificates/Declarations and Test reports are needed when certifying clothes for TR CU 017 “On safety of light industry products” next parameters should be described:

  1. Item code
  2. Name (model)
  3. HS code
  4. Composition
  5. Country
  6. Product type (woven or knitted)
  7. Manufacturer

Pressure equipment.    

To provide conditions on TR CU 032 “On safety of equipment and vessels under pressure” we need to know next information:

  1. Product name
  2. Model/ Type/ other identification
  3. HS code
  4. Diameter / Volume for vessels
  5. Max.allowable pressure, MPa
  6. Inner env-t: Gas or Liquid
  7. Fluid group (1 or 2) where 1 - explosive, flammable, toxic, 2 - safe

Explosion-proofed products.

To analyse the TR CU 012 “On safety of the equipment for work in explosive environments” certification conditions additionally to the HS code and technical description products explosion proof type is required The producer can provide ATEX/IECEx certificates and reports that are also applied for certification.

Chemical products. 

To define the type of certification required for chemical product and the number of documents to be issued we need the list of products with the information below. Depending on these characteristics products could be included in the same or different certificates and test reports.

  1. Product
  2. HS code
  3. Composition (pref. in %)
  4. Scope of application
  5. Type (liquid/ powder/solid/other)

Production sites 

It is mandatory to specify production sites in most issued approval documents. All production sites where the exported product is manufactured could be listed in the same EAC Declaration or Certificate.
When it comes to EAC Certificate of Conformity the number and location of factories could influence the price of the inspection procedure. Moreover, to specify an additional factory in the State Registration Certificate that is issued for chemical products extra costs should be paid.

Product’s application conditions 

Application of a product can affect the type and scheme of certification. For instance, all household usage electrical products like irons, mixers, massage chairs are subject to Certification, simultaneously, the same massage chairs used in public places are subject to Declaration.
Equipment that falls under the Declaration to TR CU 010 “On safety of machinery and equipment” regulation could be approved according to 1d, 3d and 5 d scheme. If the product is going to be installed at hazardous facilities it requires 5d scheme Declaration. There is a registry in the CU countries where hazardous production factories are listed. It is always better to clarify with the client in the CU the information of the production.

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From the side of a certification company you can get different information about the certification process. It is important to know that all mandatory requirements are specified. In general, the commercial offer of the WorldwideBridge certification company includes detailed description of the next terms:

• Product (type, models)
• Issued document and regulation the product is subject to
• Price
• Validity
• Description of the process • Inspection control
• Samples
• Site audit
• Applicant conditions
• Required documents
• Lead time

When the inquiry is clear and sufficient we can be more flexible in providing options. It is a fairly complex issue to process inquiries based only on the type of a product, drawings, or contrariwise, based on producer’s contract with the client that is provided in huge files without any comments, and it is not clear what the end product is. 

Based on this information we can conclude that the more sufficient data of a product is available for analysis the more accurate certification conditions could be provided.

Amina Tarchokova
Key account manager
WorldWideBridge LLC

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