Authorized Representative service: who is an applicant for EAC certification

Authorized Representative service: who is an applicant for EAC certification

Requirements to registered as authorized representative

According to the regulations of the Customs Union, only a legal entity or individual entrepreneur registered in the territory of the Customs Union can apply for EAC certification.

In order to apply for an EAC Declaration or Certificate for serial production, the manufacturer must provide an applicant contract between it and its applicant, i.e. authorized representative. If you are looking for a batch certification, the applicant can only be an Importer.

The applicant contract usually contain the following main points:

  • Subject of the contract: the manufacturer empowers its applicant to perform all required actions to obtain EAC certification meeting all requirements of the technical regulations of the Customs Union
  • Duties of the authorized representative: all duties and responsibilities that are carried out by the local representative, i.e. obtaining EAC certification, responsibility for non-conformity of products, and putting products into circulation in the territory of the Customs Union
  • Liability of the parties: the manufacturer and its applicant are responsible for reviewing the conformity of the products put on the market and for resolving all claims that may be received from third parties. The manufacturer is responsible for marking products with the EAC mark.
  • Validity of the contract: the applicant contract shall come into force from the date of its signing by the two parties and shall be terminated as agreed by the two parties..
  • Main information about the manufacturer and the applicant: names, legal address and telephone numbers

There are two versions of the applicant contact – one for a Certificate of Conformity and another for a Declaration of Conformity. Please see the links below for samples of both:

1. The Local Representative agreement for Declaration of Conformity 

2. The Local Representative agreement for Certificate of Conformity

The yellow field should be filled in with relevant information about the manufacturer. We will be pleased to help you with translation into Russian, so you may fill in only the English part.

WWBridge LLC can act as your applicant for EAC certification since our company is based and registered in Russia.

There are several advantages of choosing us as your applicant instead of distributors.

If your distributor acts as an applicant for EAC certification, it means that the EAC CoC/DoC belongs to it and it has the right to deny the usage of the approvals to other distributors. If you have several distributors in the CU market, it makes competition between them troublesome to you as the manufacturer. Obtaining certification on your own gives you the ability to manage your EAC certification and the rights to use approvals for each distributor or customer.

Our company is an independent party, which means that we do not compete with distributors. As the applicant for EAC DoCs and CoCs, we can give a Power of Attorney to your customers and distributors that empowers them to use approvals. A Power of Attorney is a document that enables your Russian importers or distributors to use an EAC DoC or CoC.

For any additional questions or  inquiries you can apply to our team through [email protected]

By Kristina Shestakova

Head of Business Development

WorldWideBridge LLC

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