All you need to know about the Justification of Safety

All you need to know about the Justification of Safety

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The manufacturers of different heavy machines, complicated equipment, machine tools and other similar things are aware that their equipment might be dangerous. For the supply, manufacture or use of equipment on the territory of the Customs Union, the equipment must be accompanied by the Justification of Safety. This document guarantees the safety of your equipment complies with established standards. It is necessary for getting a document of conformity to the Technical Regulation TR CU 010/2011 “On safety of machinery and equipment” (Declaration or Certificate) and the Technical Regulation TR CU 032/2013 “On safety of equipment working with excessive pressure”. The Justification of Safety should be prepared by a specialized expert, who will analyze the potential hazards of the equipment, review the equipment documentation, and establish sufficient measures to prevent them.

5 main sections of the Justification of Safety

  • General description and technical parameters of the equipment
  • General principles of organization of safety
  • Reliability requirements
  • The requirements to the staff that is authorized to work with the equipment
  • Risk analysis

General description and technical parameters of the equipment

This section shows the overall information about the equipment, branch of use, size, features, and parts. In fact, this section is nothing but a specification. Shelf life and service life are presented here as well. 

General principles of organization of safety

This section states that the safety of equipment is ensured if different requirements (for example requirements of the TR CU 010 and/or TR CU 032, the own safety requirements of the manufacturer, national safety requirements, etc). It includes the safety requirements about the design of the equipment, standards and the marking label.

Reliability requirements

This section makes sure that the device is going to operate properly during its service life claimed by the manufacturer, and the ways of maintaining the equipment so that it could work properly during its service life.

The requirements to the staff that is authorized to work with the equipment

It usually says that only properly qualified people can work with the machine. Many requirements are listed.

Risk analysis

This important section reveals the information about the risk that may be caused by the equipment. The risks may include vibration, dangerous parts, pressure that’s too high for the equipment, possible damages, mechanisms and similar risks. The likeliness of the failure in equipment’s operation in different cases is presented too.

Expert advice

  • If the equipment comes under both TR CU 010 and TR CU 032, the Justification of Safety may be applied in both regulations. Actually these two regulations are the only ones where this document is necessary. It is crucial that this document is provided by the manufacturer for issuing the documents in accordance with this regulation.
  • The Justification of Safety is designed by the Manufacturer regardless of the country and must be in Russian.
  • If the manufacturer wants to import several types of its equipment (for example different types of valves), it all may come under one Justification of Safety. The document is designed for one type of products.
The preparation of the Justification of Safety is a laborious process that requires extensive knowledge of existing legislation and practical experience in certification. Our employees are professionals in this area. With our help, you can quickly and inexpensively make the Justification of Safety for any equipment. If you have inquiries about obtaining the Justification of Safety, please contact us: [email protected].

By Dmitry Kondratsky
Certification Specialist. EAEU / CIS Department

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