A new day - a new hope.

A new day - a new hope.

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Sometimes life gives us challenges we think we will never stand, especially when it concerns children. Especially when they become heavily sick. But not every story with the heavy name must be sad - our story is not about death, but about life. While the child is in the hospice, the main task is to lead the way to the path of recovery. Medicines, exercise therapy, proper care and classes with specialists contribute to a recovery, or at least help to make progress.The services are provided not only for children, but also for mothers - they are the ones who holds on psychological assistance and sincere support. 

The oncology takes the smallest part from all, the main conditions are neurology and cerebral palsy. The specialists are doing their best to raise little patients to the feet in the most comfortable way. You won’t see the doctors in white coats - the atmosphere in this place is about home, not the hospital. Amazingly kind, these people are fully dedicated to their duty. During 2-3 weeks the child receives intensive treatment, while the mother has a break and psychological help.

The hospice also has medical care machines for ECG, and medical tests. The employees deliver medicines, painkillers, provide nurses. Of course, there is a need of basic facilities as air conditioning and heating systems. But there are also some little things you can help with - children will be happy to receive paints, albums, paper for drawing. If you want to help, we are ready to share the contacts. And if you are able to travel or arrange some kind of holiday for children and mothers - it will be great!

The project team - Ksenia Maksyukova, Nadia Papp, Sasha Rozhkov, Lena Matveeva, Tatyana Brovkina, we are very proud for the great work done over two years. Moscow - East is proud of you guys!

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Whats App Image 2019 11 25 At 02.30.52 (1)

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