FAC approval. Case study

FAC approval. Case study

Posted on Jan 12 Radio & Telecom FAC approval, Rossvyaz, and Telecom

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In this article we would like to study certification case of electronic scales manufactured by Italian producer Gibertini Elettronica S.r.l. 

First, to apply for Telecom DoC we need to get the following required documents:
  • Applicant’s charter documents
  • Applicant agreement between the manufacturer and his applicant
  • Technical specification of the product (can be in English)
  • Test reports (if any)

Please, be informed that applicant for Russian FAC should be a legal resident of Russia.

Based on the information mentioned above the application is prepared, based on which, Telecom DoC draft is elaborated.
In the draft the main information on product such as product name, model and trademark are indicated along with the information about a manufacturer. Besides, product application of use, technical description (software version, product main function and complete set that is supplied with the product itself, connection schemes to the public networks, electrical specifications, radio emission specifications, implemented interfaces), operating conditions and information about the presence or absence of built-encryption means and receivers of global satellite navigation systems are to be mentioned. General lead time for getting FAC approval is about 1 month.

FAC is issued by The Federal Agency of Communication of the Russian Federation known as Rossvyaz.

If you have inquiries for Telecom approval, please contact WorldWideBridge team: [email protected]

By Evgenia Kovaka
Team leader - EAEU / CIS

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