Case study: TELECOM declaration for IT Controller

Case study: TELECOM declaration for IT Controller


We would like to consider the case of the product FAC certification for one of the most recognizable radio companies in the world.

Product introduction
Product: IT Controller
Description: IT Controller is a vehicle small terminal to have the GPS measurement function and the IRIDIUM satellite’s packet data communication function, and to use it for management and positional information track/theft pursuit etc. of the vehicle
Controller has IRIDIUM satellite transmitter in 1616MHz to 1626.5MHz and GPS receiver in 1575. 42MHz.

The product is subject to FAC Telecom Declaration along with EAC Certificate of Conformity to TR CU 020 (EMC) and RFC Conclusion (Radio Frequency Center)

Required documents and information for FAC

  1. Technical description (in English is accepted)
  2. Applicant agreement with the EAEU resident company
  3. Copies of authorized documentation of an applicant
  4. Available test reports
Applicant. The WorldWideBridge LLC certification company signed the Applicant agreement with the producer and acted as an Applicant in this project.

The procedure for getting FAC Declaration was the next:

  1. Applicant agreement between the Producer and Applicant is signed
  2. All required technical information is collected
  3. The FAC Declaration draft is developed and confirmed by the producer
  4. Tests are made if required / Test reports are developed
  5. State taxes are paid by the Applicant
  6. Application of hardcopy documents to The Federal Communications Agency
  7. 1-2 weeks verification and registration period

•Applicant Agreement Is Signed (3) (1)

You can see the connection diagram to the public communication network with the designation of the implemented interfaces of the product

•Applicant Agreement Is Signed (2) (1)

Initially, the Producer declared the whole band available to the hardware, 1616-1626.5 MHz, although only the band 1621.5-1626.5 MHz had been agreed with Federal Agency of Communication according to standards.

That why the FAC Declaration was applied with the next radio emission features that could be used in the Russian Federation:

Communication standard Frequency range, reception
/transmission, MHz
Max. Power, W
IRIDIUM 1621.35-1626.5 MHz 3,98

FAC Declaration specifies that the equipment has no built-in cryptography (encryption) and includes a receiver of the global satellite navigation system GPS.

Lead time: The procedure took about a month (draft development and confirmation, tests/test report development, state taxes payment, application, registration period 1-2 weeks )

Important note! As communication technologies in the product influence the Software and the Software version, they should be specified in the FAC Declaration. When the software is changed or updated the FAC Declaration should be reissued.

Amina Tarchokova
Team leader - EAEU / CIS

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