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Nov 26

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Progress in the oil and gas sector in Russia by 2030

Russia is ready to offer promising investment projects for oil and gas processing. These industries are growing rapidly, and in 15 years we will surely see not only good progress but efficient revenue. There is a list of some interesting projects...

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Nov 19


Important agreements during the SPIEF for the oil and gas industry

The signed contracts and agreements during one of the well-known international forums-St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, cover various businesses, different sectors and aspects of life; such as: telecommunication channels,...

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Nov 15

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Russia’s strive for independence, politically and economically

Looking at the state debt of this or that country, one can easily say how economically developed is that country. Let’s discuss this case in Russia.Russia’s strive for independence, both politically and economically, seems to have pushed the...

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Nov 12

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Rotary movement in Russia. Magadan experience

On October 28, all the people interested in world transformation had an opportunity to learn more about the Rotary Movement in Magadan. Magadan is a port town on the sea of Okhotsk and also one of the towns forming part of the Rotary Organisation...

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Nov 04

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Pharmtech & Ingredients

“Pharmtech & Ingredients” is one of the remarkable international annual exhibitions held in Russia and the countries of the European Economic Union.

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