WWBridge overview of the TR CU 014. Main requirements, products, procedure and timing to get EAC mark.

Natural sand for road building, crushed sand for road building, large gravel and grit from subsurface rock for road building, mineral flour, cement for road building, broken slag and sand for road building, bitumen petroleum viscous, bitumen petroleum liquid, road sealing compounds, materials for road marking, traffic lights, road signs, road fence; i nformation indicators, i mergency cones, b ollards, b utton lights, a ssembled speed bumps, m ounting poles for technical equipment intended for traffic organization and permanent-set electric lighting, l amps for permanent-set electric lighting, n atural and artificial curbs, r oad pipes, r einforced concrete road slabs, d rainage road gutters.

All these products are to be certified according to the Technical Regulation of the Eurasian Economic union 014 “ROAD SAFETY” (TR EAEU 014/2011) . For more information, you can refer to the TR EAEU through the link or ask us via [email protected]

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Technichal regulations and certificates required for these products

TR CU 014


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