In Armenia there are only two TR EAEU that still can be replaced by inner approval certificates (CoC) or Declarations (DoC) of Conformity according to the national standards.



Speaking of implementation of EAC quality requirements, it is necessary to say that for each Technical Regulation of the Customs Union a transition period was established. Starting from 2019 almost all technical regulations came in force in Armenia. There are only two TR EAEU that still can be replaced by inner approval certificates (CoC) or Declarations (DoC) of Conformity according to the national standards. These technical regulations are TR EAEU "On the safety of motor road" (ТR EAEU 014/2011) that should be fully implemented in 2021 and TR EAEU "On safety for wheeled vehicles“ (TR EAEU 018/2011) in 2022.

National requirements as to for the quality of the exported goods are stipulated in Law of the Armenian Republic № 603-II “On technical Regulation”. The main governmental supervision body is National Institute of Standards at the Ministry of Economy of Armenian Republic. These standards continue to be used for the products that still don’t fall under technical regulations of the Customs union.

List of these products

  • measuring devices in terms of measuring accuracy;
  • radio-frequency means in terms of applicability of used frequency bands;
  • fire safety appliances and building materials.

Quality of the goods can be confirmed by a certificate or a declaration, which may be voluntary or mandatory. For a particular group of goods, a certificate of state registration or a permit to use is required.

It is necessary to submit an application to the certification body in Armenia along with technical description of the product, instruction manual, product connection diagram, product test reports conducted by the manufacturer in accredited testing laboratories, certificates of the manufacturer’s control system (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, etc.), quality plan for this product, regulatory and other constructive technological documents in order to obtain the Certificate of conformity according to the national standards.

The procedure for serial certification of products assumes two main directions:

  • analysis Quality Management System (QMS) at the manufacturer production site by experts from Armenian accredited certification body;
  • certification tests of the certified product;
  • Tests are made by a testing laboratory accredited in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Armenia and include the following types:
  • safety tests
  • EMS tests (for electrical means)

The maximum validity period of the issued certificate is 3 years. During the validity period of the certificate, it will be possible to export certified equipment in Armenia.

It is important to note that certification for 3 years assumes the Annual maintenance procedure (AMP) that is aimed to confirm the continuous conformity of the certified products.

After the process is finished the special mark are applicable for labeling of the applied product.

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We need to know

  • product name
  • model name
  • HS code
  • Technical description
  • European or other test certificates/declarations of conformity.

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