Legal support

Legal aid such us: Navigation of Russian and CIS regulation, Adjustment of product shipment for legal compliance, Post-Shipping Support, Confidence in your legal standing.

If your company is preparing to enter the Russian market but has no established communications with the local legal entities, then our legal support services are definitely for you.

WWBridge is a reliable provider of skilled and experienced personnel to help you with all export operations. We provide legal aid to all of our clients, like the following points:

Navigation of Russian and CIS regulation

When you are new to an international market, it can be difficult to operate without understanding local laws. Russia is a highly complex market to work with and the new-coming foreign business will undoubtedly struggle without trustworthy, knowledgeable guidance.
Allow us to use our native understanding of Russian legal requirements to aid in your project. This will help to avoid the negative experience of added fines, shipment rejections, confiscation, or document rejection.

Adjustment of product shipment for legal compliance

It is entirely possible that your equipment is nearly in perfect compliance. However one small part on your equipment could possibly not meet industry standards for export to Russia/CIS territory. Rather than compromise your entire export, we can simply recommend an adjustment in the problem area and get your project back on track.

Post-Shipping Support

In the event that you experience issues after your product has entered Russia, you will feel confident knowing that your partners at WWBridge will work to prove your product’s legal legitimacy to the doubting party in question.

Confidence in your legal standing

There is no substitution for the comfort of knowing that your project will run smoothly without legal hang-up or rejection. Our know-how and ability to work with local government agencies will keep your business confident that each shipment is entirely in good standing with local regulation.

We may also offer support in the legal advice field through law centers, agencies, and varying advice bureau. We are able to seek additional consulting and offer you the perfect and complete assortment of advice to guide your project.

As our company is located in Moscow, we are aware of all regional and local regulation changes and know very well how to operate within Russian and CIS territories. The benefit of working with us cannot be understated, nor can be the benefit of allowing a private Russian company to be the buffer between your company and the state and national agencies.

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