Delivery of samples and customs support

Shipment experience, such as: Auto air transportation, Samples registrations in a customs warehouse, Customs declaration with broker companies, Settlement of import duties, transportation of products to the laboratory.

Rest assured that your product samples will be delivered safely and smoothly through Customs and Borders without delays or any last-minute fees. Let our team handle the logistics of the how, where, who, and when.

WWBridge provides tailor-made solutions for all the transportations stages. Our team has the most up-to-date information on international trade regulations, so rest assured the process would pass smoothly and seamlessly.
Import and Export Documentation

If you plan to sell your products in Russia, it is crucial to ensure that all goods comply with the varying rules and regulations surrounding the import process.

When you have received a sales invoice, our specialists can classify the goods with the correct HS codes. We provide assistance in such fields as gas and oil, chemical industries, Metrologic equipment, TR EAEU (TR CU) certifications, etc.
Our experts handle the logistics of your customs and shipment experience, such as:

  • Auto or air transportation
    Let us utilize our insider knowledge to select the correct freight company and method for your equipment. We know both local and international freight companies and can help you save money on transportation costs.
  • Samples registration in a customs warehouse
    Warehousing is another aspect of the import process that can cost you excess money if you don’t know which companies to use. Let us negotiate with warehousing firms directly, for the best price.
  • Customs declaration with broker companies
    We can ensure that your shipment is safely guided through all import checkpoints, and that your paperwork is approved, regardless of which desk it finds itself on. We negotiate with specialized brokers for the best results.
  • Settlement of import duties
    The risks of shipping your export abroad and only later receiving payment from the importing company can be disconcerting. We can help negotiate for Cash in Advance agreements, or advocate a Letter of Credit to guarantee your payment. We can also assist with Documentary Collections, Open Account, and Consignment options.
  • Transportation of products to the laboratory

As stated previously, we are experts in selecting the right party for each situation. We will see to it that your product arrives to the laboratory for certification analysis.

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