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Assistance for projects: Multiple approval documents required for one product, Certification for one product in several countries, Support of local certification specialists

If you need an expert advice in the certification field, please apply for our consultation services. Our managers will gladly explain to you all of the details, large and small, and assist in your project, tailoring our solutions to your specific needs. No two situations are identical, and we outstand when it comes to making sure that our solutions solve your problems.

WWBridge provides assistance for all projects - especially when it comes to long-term and complex works. Using our broad experience and expertise, we will proudly help to overcome all arising obstacles. Our time in this industry allows us to foresee all major obstacles before they cause huge losses both in time and money. We at WWBridge want your certification and both import and export experience to be as fast and smooth as possible. We put our experience to ensure that we combat all of the typical industry complications before they cause considerable delays.

When is consulting required?

  • Multiple approval documents required for one product
    International export to CIS countries will face close scrutiny and will be required to meet a multitude of quality and safety standards. The equipment may be subject to quality confirmation by several different certification bodies.
  • Certification for one product in several countries
    While planning international expansion, it is necessary to meet different requirements from different countries. That is why it is important to know all the details of each national certification process. Our company has a worldwide experience thus we can lower all the risks concerning selling product abroad.
  • Project works
    Sometimes there are unique projects that require individual approach for the certification. For example, there are cases when whole product plants are going to be exported. In these cases, there are a lot of difficulties regarding certification of each item within the factory (and the project in whole) - the process requires tailored certification solutions. WWBridge team is capable of dealing with big amount of data, while taking into consideration all the details and peculiarities. Rest assured that all the possible risks would be eliminated and the process will pass fast and smooth.
  • Support of local certification specialists
    Export to foreign countries always implies a great risk especially when there is little information on the certification requirements. As our company is located in the centre of CIS region, we are able to provide any local certification authorities assistance and consultation in your language so that nothing leaves misunderstood.

After the consulting procedure, you can rest assured that you have all the necessary documents for Medical Registration. We will provide you with the detailed information and the technical file, so that there will be no doubt as to your success.

Case study

Request: estimate the cost of certification for the model range (about 5 000 items) of automotive spare parts.

Solution: we devised a list of certificates to cover all the items. Our team applied for customs brokerage service in order to identify HS codes and to determine the appropriate classification of the items.

Result: our client successfully got a certification for product range and now the company has efficient export.

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