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Norme Regulamentadore (NR) - the technical safety regulations of Brazil, which must comply with Industrial equipment and machinery that will be exported to Brazil

Industrial equipment and machinery that is going to be exported to Brazil has to be in compliance with technical safety regulations of Brazil - Norme Regulamentadore (NR).

Norme Regulamentadore (NR)

The main aim of the Brazilian NR regulatory standards is to ensure safety in the workplace to prevent accidents associated with the use of industrial machines and equipment.

NR Compliance should be respected for each batch of products before being commissioned in Brazil. 

The NR Compliance conformity procedure is divided into 2 stages:

  1. Pre-compliance procedure
  2. Compliance tests 

NR Pre-compliance procedure

The most important thing for the manufacturers intended in entering Brazilian market is to be sure that the product meets safety requirements of NR standards before shipping.

WorldWideBridge recommends to initiate pre-compliance procedure during manufacturing process of the product. In such a way, the manufacturer will be more flexible and able to add required changes in product design if the non-compliance with NR is found. Moreover, pre-compliance check helps to avoid any issues with non-compliance after product delivery to Brazil. 

The pre-compliance is done based on operational documents study: drawings, including electrical circuits, and user manual/technical datasheet. All the documents for pre-compliance can be provided in English. 

Compliance tests

This stage is conducted at installation site in Brazil by authorized engineers registered in CREA - Brazilian regional Council of Engineering, Agriculture and Agronomy. CREA engineers visit the site with the aim of inspection and testing. The inspected products should be assembled (if required) and installed to be ready for compliance tests. 

After testing CREA engineers prepares Laudo de Validação (Validation Report) and Anotação de Responsabilidade Técnica (Annotation of Technical Responsibility) called ART. 

ART is an official document that is registered inside CREA database. This document confirms that the certification procedure of compliance with NR safety standards is finished. 

WorldWideBridge provides a comprehensive support through all the stages of the following NR Regulations:

  • NR 10 Regulation “Segurança em instalações e serviços em eletricidade” (“Safety on Electrical Installations and Services”)
  • NR 12 Regulation “Segurança no Trabalho em Máquinas e Equipamentos” (“Safety on Machinery and Equipment”)
  • NR 13 Regulation Segurança na Operação de Unidades de Processo (Vasos de Pressão) (“Safety on Pressure Equipment”)

If you have an inquiry for NR certification, contact the WorldWideBridge team by email [email protected] We are always at your disposal!

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