Open Ukraine through passing the conformity procedures according to safety standards. DSTU, Technical regulation and other approval types. Certification process of exported goods is the State Committee of Ukraine responsible for technical regulation and consumer policy (Gosportebnadzor of Ukraine)



The main state body which coordinates the certification process of exported goods is the State Committee of Ukraine responsible for technical regulation and consumer policy (Gosportebnadzor of Ukraine).

Among technical regulation there are the following:

  • Technical regulation of low-voltage equipment;
  • Technical Regulations for Electromagnetic Compatibility of Equipment;
  • Technical Regulations for Machine Safety;
  • Technical Regulations for Radio and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment;
  • Technical regulation of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE);
  • Technical Safety Regulations for Pressure Equipment;
  • Technical regulation of hot water boilers operating on liquid or gaseous fuels;
  • Technical regulation of measuring instruments;
  • Technical regulation of medical devices;
  • Technical regulation of medical devices for in vitro laboratory diagnostics;
  • Technical regulation of equipment intended for work in potentially explosive environments;
  • Technical regulation of building products, buildings and structures etc

For particular groups of product, a sanitary conclusion from Ministry of the health of Ukraine should be obtained. Matters of industrial safety are regulated by the Ministry of Labour.

Quality confirmation may be either mandatory or voluntary. The list of goods subject to mandatory certification is stipulated in Decree of Gosportebnadzor of Ukraine №28 dated 01.02.2005. A certificate may cover the whole product line or a single consignment. In the first case, depending on the scheme of certification, maximum term validity of approval may be 1, 2, 3 or 5 years. In case of a single consignment certification, a serial number of each item is to be indicated in the certificate. The approval has no limits time-wise but is valid strictly for the goods identified in the certificate. A certificate is issued on the basis of site audit, testing and technical documentation.
In some cases, European test reports can be used as a base (replace tests) for issuing the Certificate of Conformity (CoC) or Declaration of Conformity (DoC). Ukrainian technical regulations are harmonized with European directives. So, the CE test reports can be effective while certification of telecommunication, radio-frequency and low-voltage devices.

Voluntary certification applies to the goods which are not covered by Decree of Gosportebnadzor of Ukraine №28 dated 01.02.2005. This type of quality confirmation helps the manufacturer to show his product to advantage and gain customers’ trust.

The validity

The Declaration of Conformity can be issued with unlimited validity. Also, there are several schemes that are being used by different certification authorities. One certification bodies use to work only through the Ukrainian applicant, so you need to have a partner – Ukraine resident company – in order to apply for approval. Other certification authority can issue the DoC directly for the foreign manufacturing company.

We are working with a wide range of certification authorities and laboratories that ensure the various option for any applied product.
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We need to know

  • short technical description
  • HS code (Customs code)
  • CE test reports (if available)

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