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Certification services in Morocco

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Ensure the safety of industrial products on the Moroccan market, according to the safety of products and services, as well as its operative texts, represent a legal framework that is setting the requirements to be fulfilled by these products.

The CMIM mark certifies the compliance of the products placed on the market with the regulatory requirements and standards in Morocco.

Who is responsible for applying the CMIM mark?

Starting January 1, 2020 the marking and labeling is the sole responsibility of the manufacturer, meaning importers who have been previously authorized to label the product are no longer allowed to do so. Manufacturers themselves must mark the products, which means before the entry of the product into Morocco.

Which products scope of the CMIM mark ?

  • Electrical equipment designed for use within certain voltage limits (so-called low voltage (LVD)) ;
  • Equipment affected by electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) ;
  • Toys.AC Certification and tests.

How to certify the conformity of a product that scope of the CMIM mark as a third party body?
Moroccan standards (NM) used to ensure conformity are identical to the European standards (EN), it is sufficient to attach a cross-reference table of the NM / EN standards and to mention the Moroccan standards in the voluntary third party assessment.

Below are the requirements on the label / marking itself:

  • The mark shall be displayed in a visible, legible and indelible way on the product
  • It should not be confused with other distinctive signs.
  • The vertical dimension of the letter "C" must not be less than 6 mm.
  •  The logo must be affixed to the product. Where that is not possible or not warranted because of the nature of the product, it may be affixed to the packaging and to the accompanying documents.

CoC - Certificate of Conformity Morocco

From 1 February 2020, all products exported to Morocco under the control list must comply with Moroccan technical regulations and standards. The Moroccan authorities have created a Verification of Conformity programme (VoC) with the mission to ensure the product’s compliance with the current regulations. Failure to demonstrate compliance can mean the rejection of the shipment at the port of entry.

Manufacturers and exporters must conduct their own local verification processes and coordinate with an Inspection Body, authorized by the Moroccan government, to acquire a Certification of Conformity (CoC) before sending their products to Morocco.

To help clients understand the rules and regulations and ensure compliance, WWBridge offers a service to acquire the Certification of Conformity.

Products covered under the CoC scheme

  • Electrical appliances
  • Other electrical products
  • Construction materials: pipes, sheets, sanitary equipment, insulation, wooden panels, cement, windows, glass...
  • Gas/oil appliances
  • Products for children: toys, parks, and baskets for children, baby diapers, furniture…
  • Textiles: shoes, leather, clothing…
  • Chemical products: detergents, paint, bitumen, matches, lighters...
  • Plastic products: plastic packaging/bags...
  • Products in contact with food: kitchenware, crockery...
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): helmets for motorcycles…
  • Automotive spare parts: tires, automotive parts…

Our approach:

  • Review of technical documentation regarding the product parameters, labeling and user manual.
  • Confirmation of rules and regulations applied to the product category under the CoC scope.
  • On-site inspection of products at the client’s factory or warehouse.
  • Draft of the inspection report and the Certification of Conformity for client review.
  • Final document sent by email for importers to upload on the Moroccan PortNet system.

WWBridge offers supporting compliance with the requirements of the technical regulations and standards of Morocco. Contact us right now to find out how to obtain needed types of the certification documents for import to Morocco: [email protected]

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