SIRIM is the only certification body in Malaysia that issues type approval for telecommunications and radio equipment



Certification services in Malaysia:



SIRIM is the only certification body in Malaysia that issues type approval for telecommunications and radio equipment. Without such approval, the product may not be sold, distributed or imported into Malaysia. Although product certification can be issued based on a foreign standard test report, however, some products require internal product testing.

SIRIM QAS International, a wholly-owned company of the Malaysian Government under the Ministry of Trade and Industry administers, manages and issues the SIRIM certification.

List of products regulated by SIRIM :

  • wireless products,
  • telecommunications equipment,
  • electrical products
  • (TVs, washing machines, dust collectors, rice cookers , lighting equipment, household power tools, electrical wires, etc.)

Who can be an applicant?

the applicant must be a local legal entity registered in Malaysia.

Certification Process

  1. Determine if SIRIM certification should be done or not
  2. IECCB testing and certification (if no IECCB certificate) 
  3. Registration (review of the energy efficiency report for energy efficient products)
  4. Submission of IECCB certificate and factory quality documents
  5. Audit of the factory after reviewing the documents
  6. Issue a certificate after approval

Certificate validity period:

SIRIM certification is valid for one year from the date of approval. It may be renewed annually subject to the terms and conditions.

Problems when registering Sirim

  • Identification and compliance with specifications or standards applicable to the product.
  • Interaction with an accredited testing laboratory for product testing.
  • Inaccurate/improper knowledge of complex certification requirements applicable to products of a certain category and type.
  • Lack of a representative in the country and a representative office to meet the requirements.
  • Incorrect submission of documents and forms.
  • Non-compliance with requests/issues raised by the authorities.

To avoid such difficulties, contact WWBridge!

Our Role in Sirim Certification

  • Our experts will talk about every aspect of certification.
  • Our team of experts will analyze the product to find the appropriate applicable standard based on testing and product type.
  • WWBridge guarantees full assistance in obtaining a certificate.
  • Our consultants will provide you with full assistance in completing the documentation and submitting the form.
  • We also ensure direct coordination with government authorities for appropriate follow-up and to address their requests/problems that may arise.
  • To preserve the interest and convenience of our client, we guarantee transparency.
  • Our specialists guarantee that they will provide you with the most suitable solution for your problems.

WWBridge fully understands the local requirements and procedures in place in Malaysia. You can rely on our experience and knowledge to help you reach key markets effectively, while at the same time relying on our objectivity, honesty and professionalism. Contact us for help, squeak in the mail [email protected]

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