Kazakhstan certification service provider for passing the conformity procedures according to safety standards. EAC, GOST-K and other approval types.



We are working for EAC approval with the experts as in Russia as in Kazakhstan if the origin of the approval is essential for you. Anyway, all EAC approval documents issued by the accredited certification authority in any CU country are accepted in KZ which have been proved in practice

However, some of the national conformity systems are still in effect, mainly in terms of measuring devices, fire safety appliances, building materials, some domestic chemical products etc. Some of them need obligatory KZ approval (GOST-K), other – voluntary certification.
Also, there is a special certification system for equipment, that is to be used in hazardous facilities, that is regulated by the Industrial Development and Industrial Safety Committee. This authority is authorized to issue Permission for Use for machinery and other equipment that is going to be exported to the Oil and Gas industry sector facilities in KZ.

This Permit is an obligatory approval document that cannot be replaced by any Certificate or Declaration of conformity to the Technical Regulations of the Customs union (TR CU) so need to be issued additionally to the set of ordinary EAC documents set.

WWBridge can help you to obtain necessary needed for equipment used at hazardous industrial sites:

  • GOST-K
  • Fire-Safety
  • Permission for Use
  • Metrological Certification
  • Telecom 
  • other national Approvals

If you don’t speak Kazakh or Russian please do not hesitate to contact our specialists, who have a good command of English, German and Spanish.

Expert assistance

We are known for being a reliable and competent Kazakhstan certification service provider. We are a problem-solver and our initial goal is to help you avoid any bureaucratic procedures and get necessary documentation as fast as possible. During recent years we have completed a number of projects for Explosive Proof equipment and complete plant equipment.

Сompleted projects

Our portfolio includes also a number of projects for metrology certification (obtaining Type Approval Certificate for measuring means which we realized in co-operation with KAZINMETR – main certification authority in this field. The completed projects include as ones which needed production site testing as accompanied with local testing in Kazakstan. So, we are specialized at turn-key projects helping to organize the audit of the experts from KAZINMETR and also to deliver samples to the KZ laboratory and make all customs clearance procedures if required. 

Almost all KZ approvals can be issued for 5 years. So, you will be able to export your products serially with one set of documents.
It is important to note that foreign approval documents cannot be recognised in Kazakstan (except some Russian and other CIS countries approvals for in-house produced products). So tests are initial in order to obtain GOST-K certificate or Declaration of Conformity.
After the process is finished this document gives you the opportunity to mark your product with special KZ label nether mind whether you obtain voluntary or obligatory approval.

Special labels are described below accordingly.

If you export to Kazakhstan and looking for obtaining permissions, certificates or other documents necessary please feel free to contact us via phone or email: [email protected].

You can also get in touch with us to get a GOST-K or any other applicable standard in your language.

Certification experts will be pleased to consult you in your own language

Certificates to be obtained in Kazakhstan

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