Basis for approvals in India: BIS – CRS scheme, BIS – ISI scheme, WPC – wireless approval.



WWBridge provides certification services in accordance with regulations, guidelines (and the latest updates) of the following authorities in India.

Certification services in INDIA:

  • BIS – CRS scheme
  • BIS – ISI scheme
  • WPC – wireless approval

BIS-CRS scheme

BIS CRS scheme is compulsory registration scheme of India, which is mandatory for 77 different type product related to consumer electronics. Indian and foreign manufacturers who intend to sell their products listed below must get BIS – CRS certification.

General product categories under this scheme:

  1. All types of lighting
  2. Batteries and cells
  3. IT/AV products
  4. Solar products

BIS-ISI scheme:

This is another scheme of BIS which is also mandatory in India similar to CRS scheme.
Basic difference is products that are mandatory and process involved in order to obtain certification.
Manufacturers obtaining such certification need to get their product imprinted with ISI scheme logo.

General product categories under this scheme:

  1. Household appliances/kitchen appliances
  2. Wiring accessories
  3. Microbiological products

WPC-wireless approval

The WPC (wireless planning and coordination) is the national broadcasting authority and Is the part of Ministry of communications and information technology.

The main tasks of the WPC are to issuing amateur radio licenses and allocation and monitoring of the frequency spectrum.
WPC is responsible for the WPC ETA certification (EPC equipment type approval).

Products that use wireless communication must undergo WPC ETA certification.

Required documents for Telecom Type Approval 

  1. Copy of Manufacturer Declaration of Conformity
  2. RF test report

WWBridge provide services for manufacturers with expert support and guidance on the marking requirements and procedures. We are up-to-date with the latest guidance and standards and we can guide you through the entire process in a few steps.

How to get Indian approval documents for your business?

  • Call WWBridge or leave your request on our site to have a free consultation
  • We help you choose the right type of certification
  • You send all necessary documents for the certificate
  • We sign a Contract
  • We analyze the documents and prepare drafts
  • You receive the certificate
  • We close the project

Looking for more information to get India approval documents? Feel free to contact us through e-mail: [email protected], or call +7 (495) 787-87-70.

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