AZS certification system: main approval procedures, timing and marking requirements. What you should know in order to start exporting your products to Azerbaijan.



The Republic of Azerbaijan (Azerbaijan) is not part of the WTO (World Trade Organization) yet, but it is confidently moving towards accession to the WTO.

The Azerbaijan Standardization Institute (AZSTAND) is a directory for those who are looking for answers to requests, and the institute can provide all the necessary documents regarding standards, technical requirements and conformity assessment procedures.
According to the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated April 16, 1996 “On Standardization”, state standards of Azerbaijan contain mandatory and recommendatory requirements.

More than 20 thousand interstate and 966 national standards are registered in the state fund of regulatory legal acts. In general, the compliance between Azerbaijan’s state standards and European and international standards is 45%.


The Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan approves the List of products that require the certification and reviews the list at least once a year. The list includes 120 items, including products such as clothes, shoes and toys for children, swimming accessories, detergents, bleaches and cleaners, low-voltage equipment, trailers and semi-trailers, medical equipment, cars, motorcycles, etc.

It is important to note that telecommunication and radio equipment have to be obligatory certified as TELECOM appliances.
This is a separate certification system in Azerbaijan that should be taken into consideration additionally to safety approval (EMC, LVD).

The Azerbaijani language is the official language of the national certification system in the country. According to the mentioned above Decree, certification agencies and laboratories seeking accreditation in the national certification system in the Republic of Azerbaijan must have the status of a legal entity, and their degree of independence should be such that the factors of their administrative subordination and financial condition completely exclude the possibility of any impact on their personnel.


There is a conformity mark in the Republic of Azerbaijan (see Figure 1), which is protected under the current legislation of the country.


Figure 1. Image of the conformity mark used in the national certification system in Azerbaijan

According to safety requirements for life, health, property of citizens and environmental cleanliness indicators, all products, as well as processes and services require mandatory certification.
According to the Decree mentioned above, when concluding agreements on the import of products that will be used in Azerbaijan for its intended purpose, it is necessary to have a certificate of conformity confirming the safety of products and recognized by the national certification agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The validity

Certificates and licenses are valid for a period not exceeding 3 years.

Country also has labeling rules that depend on the type of product. Labeling is regulated by legislative acts of Azerbaijan as well as mandatory standards.

There is one general rule for labeling - all labels and instructions should be in Azerbaijani, and information regarding measurements should be presented in the metric system.

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